Summary of Gateway Cities COG Accomplishments 2021

Saturday, June 25, 2022

  • The COG adopted a first-ever Legislative Agenda, and took positions on bills in accordance with that agenda.
  • The COG continued successful operations during the pandemic, including COG Board and Committee meetings conducted on line.
  • Adopted an $8 million dollar budget, incorporating new state and county funding in the priority areas of housing and homelessness.
  • Successfully deployed over $1.5 million in new Homelessness Innovation funding provided by Los Angeles County from Measure H.
  • Adopted a new five-year plan called the Roadmap Toward Ending Homelessness 2021-2026, and launched it with a live event in Bellflower.
  • Used some of the Measure H Innovation funding to create the Home2Employment program, a unique and effective partnership between a housing navigator and workforce boards to provide housing and job opportunities together.
  • Created a new COG Housing program using REAP funding provided by SCAG, advancing many policies to assist cities in creating affordable housing.
  • Hosted three sessions in the COG’s Affordable Housing Workshop/Speakers Series with funding from the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative.
  • Launched an Affordable Housing Digital Information Hub as part of the COG website with resources for cities in three areas: Planning for, Preserving, and Producing affordable housing.
  • Secured funding from Metro for planning activities related to the West Santa Ana Branch, including staffing for the City Manager Technical Advisory Committee.
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive Advocacy Plan supporting implementation of the West Santa Ana Branch project.
  • Sent the California Air Resources Board and California Energy Commission a joint letter with Metro supporting the deployment of zero emission trucks in the I-710 corridor, along with implementation of a workforce development program.
  • Finalized the Atlantic Avenue/Boulevard Complete Streets Corridor Master Plan, with participation of all jurisdictions along the corridor.
  • Conducted a special COG Board meeting focusing on the I-710 corridor and established the I-710 Corridor Ad Hoc Committee to explore solutions for the corridor communities.
  • Completed Urban Tree Canopy Prioritization Plans for the Cities of Lynwood and Paramount using a grant from the Bay Area Council.
  • Hosted the First Annual Gateway Cities Energy Action Awards, recognizing cities for their efforts to become more energy efficient and more sustainable, and began hosting an Energy Working Group for cities.
  • Requested and received State funding to develop a Gateway Cities Regional Broadband Master Plan, hired a consultant, and convened a Broadband Project Oversight Committee which includes ten city members.


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