An Introduction to the Gateway Cities COG

Gateway Cities map

Gateway Cities COG organizational flow chart

Gateway Cities COG Mission

check icon Transportation

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check icon Housing

check icon Economic Development

Gateway Cities COG Overall Initiatives

Transportation Planning Through Corridors and Programs

  • I-5 Corridor
  • I-710 Corridor
  • 91/605/405 Corridor
  • Pacific Electric/West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor
  • Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2
  • Goods Movement Programs
  • High Speed Rail Coordination and Commuter Rail Coordination
  • Arterial Highways System Planning
  • Transit/Municipal Operators/Service Sector
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning
  • Gateway Cities Cross Border Projects
  • I-405 Interagency Coordination
  • Gateway Cities COG Transportation Strategic Plan Initiative
  • Regional Transportation Funding/ Advocacy
  • SCAG Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)
  • MTA Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
  • Measure R Projects & Funding
  • Truck Inspection & Enforcement Study
  • Gateway Cities Technology Plan for Goods Movement
  • I-710 Early Action Projects
  • I-605 Congestion Hot Spots Projects


  • Sustainability (SCS)
  • RHNA
  • Homeless Initiative

Air Quality

  • I-710 Air Quality Directives
  • Gateway Cities Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP)
  • Zero Emission Goods Movement Technology (including AQMD and CalStart initiative)
  • Sustainable Communities Strategy

Economic Development

  • Improve Mobility
  • Air Quality/Economy Balance Infrastructure
  • Gateway Cities Demographic and Economic Data Center
  • Job Creation and Economic Revitalization Program
  • The Gateway Cities COG is creating a database that serves as the foundation for developing a credible forecasting tool to promote an economic development vision for the Gateway Cities sub- region.

Ongoing Activities

  • Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
  • Storm Water Run-off Studies (TMDL)

The COG Is:

For Each Program/Project and Initiative

First: A Forum

Second: A Planner

Third: A Consensus Builder

Fourth: An Advocate