Subregional REAP Program in the Gateway Cities

The state’s Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) is providing Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) funding to metropolitan planning organizations, including the Southern California Association of Governments, for projects that have a broader regional impact on housing. SCAG is providing an allocation of its REAP funding to councils of governments within its region, with 5.5% of funding allocated to the COG, or $1.3 million for a 3-year period, based on the COG’s RHNA allocation. The COG Board approved staff’s proposed work program in October 2020, and the MOU was fully executed in May 2021.  Activities are commencing under the grant across five work priority areas. Read more about the COG's work programs below.


6th Cycle Housing Element Development and Implementation

Inclusive Engagement Toolkit

This work area includes developing a database of community stakeholders such as community-based organizations (CBOs) and other engagement partners as well as providing member jurisdictions with tools for opening effective dialogue with them.

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GIS Land Use Scenario Modelling

For this project, the COG will oversee the development of a subregional computational (GIS based) model that can be strategically employed to study a variety of land use scenarios that jurisdictions will consider in order to meet their RHNA allocations and land use goals.

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Subregional Inclusionary Housing Strategy

The goal of this program is to provide another tool for local jurisdictions to increase the production of affordable housing in feasible areas of the subregion.

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Housing Trust Formation

A Gateway Cities Affordable Housing Trust Fund can increase the local production of affordable housing in the subregion, by augmenting other sources of funding for projects, and potentially leveraging local available funding with state funding from the Local Housing Trust Fund program

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Innovative Housing Finance Strategies

This project will commission a study to assess the budgetary conditions in the Gateway Cities, their sources of revenue, and the impact that the development of housing has on their finances and budgets.

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Encouraging Accessory Dwelling Units

This project is intended to support increased production and preservation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in the Gateway Cities.  ADUs describe a secondary house or apartment unit that shares a building lot with a larger, primary house.

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