Planning for Housing



Planning for Housing in the Gateway Cities

A local jurisdiction's vision, goals and plans for housing are expressed in the Land Use and Housing Elements of its comprehensive General Plan, as well as in its Zoning Code and Design Standards. 


Meeting the RHNA

Housing Elements are planning documents that are developed in eight year cycles, based on the state mandated Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) that quantifies the need for housing at all income levels, within each jurisdiction. The 6th Cycle Housing Elements are due to the State in October of 2021.


In partnership with SCAG, the Gateway Cities COG is currently administering the Regional Early Action Program (REAP) Subregional Partnership Program for the Gateway Cities subregion. This program is intended to increase planning to accelerate housing production throughout the SCAG region through implementable actions that will increase housing supply to meet the sixth cycle regional housing needs assessment (RHNA).

Where Are We Now?


Gateway Cities 2019 Housing Assessment

Read more about the current housing programs and policies to support housing planning and development in the Gateway Cities.


Report Highlights

  • List of Subregional Housing Programs
  • Legislation Impacting 6th Cycle Housing Elements
  • Subregional RHNA Progress


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Housing Planning Resources

General Plans

General Plan Guidelines | Office of Planning and Research, State of California

Zoning Code Updates

Planning and Zoning Regulation | Office of Planning and Research, State of California

Senate Bill 9 Fact Sheet (2021) | State of California Housing & Community Development

Objective Design Standards

Streamlined Ministerial Approval Process Program Guidelines | State of California Housing & Community Development

Prohousing Designation

Prohousing Designation Program | State of California Housing & Community Development

Presentation: Prohousing Designation Program 

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH - AB 686)

AFFH Data and Mapping Resources | State of California Housing & Community Development
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Presentation | National Housing Law Project (from presentation to COG Planning Directors, Oct 2020)
AB 686 | California Legislative Information Site


Funding for Planning