Continuum of Diverse Housing Needs

What is the Housing Continuum?

"A housing continuum shows the range of housing options, from emergency shelters to homeownership and everything in between. Each part of the housing continuum serves a unique need in the housing market. One size does not fit all, and ideally a community will have a range of housing options affordable for residents and its workforce." (Colorado Housing and Finance Authority).

Similar to the population demographics in the Gateway Cities, housing needs are also diverse. The Housing Continuum infographic for the Gateway Cities aims to describe the overall housing condition and needs of residents in the subregion at different income levels and across various housing markets.


The Housing Continuum in the Gateway Cities

View the infographic to learn more about the variety of housing types and how they can benefit communities.


  • Learn about which housing types meet resident needs by income group and job category.
  • Learn about housing cost burden by income level.

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