COG Housing Program Overview

Meeting Regional Housing Needs In the Gateway Cities

The Gateway Cities subregion is home to over two million people. Many of the Gateway Cities have measured population densities that rival or exceed major US cities, like New York and San Francisco. Of the over 300,000 households in the subregion with income levels that classify them as moderate, low, very low or extremely low income, over a third pay more than 50% of their income for housing. The majority of these households are renters. In response to this need, our regional body sponsors convenings and provides information to help our members and other interested stakeholders to understand, and to respond.

Our Regional Housing Priorities



Planning for Housing

Explore resources to support housing-related land use planning and zoning.

Producing Housing

Explore resources and tools to support housing production throughout the subregion.

Preserving Housing

Explore resources to preserve existing affordable housing throughout the subregion.


Understanding Regional Housing Needs

The Housing Continuum in the Gateway Cities

Learn about the range of housing options for residents of varying income levels and needs throughout the subregion.

Explore the Contiuum

Other Resources


More Housing Resources


Housing Innovation Case Studies

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