GCCOG Roadmap Toward Ending Homelessness


Initiative to Reduce Homelesness

The Gateway Cities Council of Governments is leading an effort to address homelessness within our region.  By action of the Board of Directors, policy direction was given to seek funding and collaboration in developing a plan to advance individuals from homelessness to a stabilized and productive life.   Existing models of success have been identified in the work of the Gateway Cities Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness.  Certain programs within our region and elsewhere in Los Angeles County have a success record as high as 80% in moving an individual from being homeless to being stable and productive for over 3 years.  The Gateway Cities COG appreciates the cooperation and partnership of the County of Los Angeles in making the homeless initiative a reality.

Subregional Resources Assisting the Homeless Community


Learn more about Gateway Cities Regional Resources Assisting the Homeless Community or person(s) that are at-risk of Homelessness.

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Roadmap to Ending Homelessness Report


New Regional Homelessness Plan for the Gateway Cities

The GCCOG received funding from Measure H to develop a Regional Homeless Plan in partnership with its member cities. The “Roadmap Toward Ending Homelessess” is GCCOG’s homeless plan that sets a vision for addressing homelessness in the GCCOG subregion.

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Homeless Demographics & Services in the Gateway Region

Review our reports to find more about the services provided to the homelessness population in the Gateway Cities.

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Committee Agendas

Committee on Homelessness

The Gateway Cities Committee on Homelessness convenes various stakeholders within the COG to dicsuss planning and coordination around homelessness prevention and response in the subregion. Learn more about the Committee's work by reviewing the meeting agendas.

Homelessness Technical Advisory Commitee (TAC)

The Gateway Cities Homelessness Technical Advisory Commitee (TAC) brings together professional working groups to available explore resources and innovations in homelessness planning for the region.


Housing & Homelessness Case Studies


Housing Innovation Case Studies

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Additional Resources

Collaborative Housing & Mental Health

Community Workbook

Homeless Action Plan



Demographic Analysis