City of Paramount

The City of Paramount was the second city analyzed for the Urban Tree Community Prioritization Project. Similar to Lynwood, the collaboration started off with local-level urban tree canopy assessments and team meetings with Lynwood city staff to plan for a virtual tree summit for community members. The chart below displays the data results from the tree canopy assessments. You will also find links to the Paramount Final Report and prophecy team sheet and photos from the Virtual Tree Summit and Fruit Tree Distribution below.

Tree Canopy in Paramount

pie chart graphic

The project assessment revealed that the City of Paramounthas 15% Existing Tree Canopy and 45% Possible Tree Canopy. The other 40 percent ingrey indicates areas that are not suitable for tree canopy based on various restrictions.

word cloud graphic

Word Cloud from Paramount’s Virtual Tree Summit

tree canopy image

Fruit Tree Distribution in Paramount

fruit rees

Fruit trees from Fruit Tree Distribution in Paramount