Climate Funding Readiness

Gateway Cities Climate Action Opportunity Assessment and Readiness Plan: Building Capacity for Disadvantaged Communities

The Gateway Cities COG received a Transformative Climate Communities planning grant from the Strategic Growth Council to develop a regional Climate Action Opportunity Assessment and prepare Readiness Plans to assist member jurisdictions in applying for state climate investment programs to fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cities receive assistance in identifying multiple-benefit sustainability projects and programs that can be eligible for climate investment funding. The project team will help a select number of cities with promising projects to develop a plan to increase readiness and compete for funding programs.

Project Factsheet

Cap-and-Trade Infographic

Cap-and-Trade Programs Sheet

Funding Factsheets for Cities

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities (AHSC)

Urban Greening

SB 2 Announcement

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Technical Assistance Workshop for Gateway Cities – April 22, 2019

The project team identified a need across multiple cities for assistance and resources relating to affordable housing projects, including improving Gateway Cities’ access to funding under the AHSC program. The Gateway Cities COG in partnership with the Institute for Local Government and the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) hosted a regional workshop to provide cities with a refresher and overview of AHSC, help cities identify key roles for applicants and partners, and prepare potential project team applicants for direct application assistance with SGC technical assistance providers.

Workshop Agenda

California Climate Investments Presentation

Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Overview

SB 2 Grant Opportunities

SB 2 NOFA & Application Details

Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Program

Century Housing Success Story

LA County Success Story

Eco-Rapid Transit Success Story