Wednesday, October 24, 2018

  1. Can the COG provide a list of required elements for the proposal (i.e. detailed budget, detailed schedule, number of references, etc.) or a sample proposal?
    A: Proposals should include a narrative approach to the work overall and by task; a discussion of the bidder’s relevant experience; resumes of proposed project personnel; a project schedule; and a project budget. Also see response to Question 2. A sample proposal will not be provided.
  2. Should the submitting consultant provide a detailed budget, and if so, what should be included (i.e. costs by task, billing rates, etc.)?
    A: Proposers should include a budget broken down by task and show proposed hours and billing rates, including a total for the project.
  3. Will the selected consultant be required to meet with each city individually, or will it be acceptable for the consultant to arrange for small groups of cities to meet together?
    A: Proposers may seek to schedule meetings with cities by any workable means. The COG cannot guarantee the ability to meet with groups of cities as opposed to individual cities.
  4. Should the optional task 3 be included within the $50,000 budget, or broken out into a separate item with an additional proposed budget?
    A: The entire available budget is $50,000. The optional task, if included, must be provided within this budget.
  5. Can you send a list of bidders or invitees so we may form teams?
    A: The COG is not able to provide a list of bidders.
  6. Are there any SBE/DBE requirements?
    A: There are no SBE/DBE requirements.
  7. Is there a limit as to file attachment size?
    A: Please keep attachments to 10 MB or less.
  8. The Consultant Team is asked to report on the status of member jurisdictions’ compliance with RHNA allocations and performance on RHNA allocations, as reported to HCD. Does Gateway Cities Council of Governments place more emphasis on or consider more urgent certain RHNA allocations over others? For example, does the City put more emphasis on meeting RHNA allocations for lower income households than higher income households?
    A: No, RHNA allocations in all income categories are of interest.
  9. In light of some of the broadly discussed potential challenges embedded in some of the RHNA allocations, has the Gateway Cities Council of Governments already identified particular conflicts or challenges regarding the RHNA allocations as they apply to their member jurisdictions?
    A: No, the COG has not done this work.

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