Young leaders making plans for Cudahy

Monday, October 23, 2017

Cudahy, California was named for its founder, Michael Cudahy. The meat-packing magnate purchased the land in 1908, dividing it up into narrow but unusually long lots, to enable residents to farm and raise animals on their property.

The city has long been urbanized. With about 24,000 residents and an area of about one square mile, it’s one of the most densely populated cities around. This makes smart growth a priority. A young population and leadership are driving Cudahy’s future planning and policymaking.

With community input, the city leadership has been working on a strategic plan that emphasizes economic development. It received $10 million in grants for capital improvements to improve parks, sidewalks, roads and educational outreach in the next several years.

To learn more about city initiatives as well as community events and resources, check out CudahyOne Magazine, published quarterly.


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