Compton is a city on the rise

Monday, October 16, 2017

Compton, California is a city on the rise. It was recently named an "Entrepreneurial Hot Spot" by Cognetics, Inc., an independent economic research firm.

It’s not hard to understand why businesses are choosing to locate in Compton. It’s easily accessible from five freeways and strategically located in the center of Los Angeles County, along the Alameda Corridor, where 25 percent of U.S. international shipping trade takes place. “Hub City” is ideally situated to develop a number of industries, such as transportation, high tech, metals and textile manufacturing.

Compton is a multiracial and multicultural city of nearly 100,000 residents. It features some of the most affordable housing in the county. The city has been working to develop economic and cultural opportunities to entice businesses and potential residents.

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