Harnessing technology to improve transportation

Monday, September 25, 2017

For most U.S. citizens, technology has become a part of everyday life. Three-quarters of Americans now have smartphones. These pocket-sized computers put a wealth of information at our fingertips.

If harnessed appropriately, such technological advancements can vastly improve quality of life. That’s why Gateway Cities COG is implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems. This innovative and high-tech method of tracking and parsing traffic data can improve safety and efficiency. An ITS app can enable drivers to see real-time traffic conditions, so they can make better decisions about the best routes to take.

ITS can be a boon to industry as well. More information for dispatchers and truckers will help reduce accidents and get goods to their final destination more quickly. ITS apps can also automate and streamline security and weight inspections for trucks.

Learn more about the Gateway Cities COG plan for ITS.


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