Ending homelessness

Monday, November 21, 2016

As a nation, we’ve struggled for decades with the problem of homelessness. Today, there’s finally some signs of genuine progress.

In part, that’s thanks to creative solutions reflecting new research on the subject. And in part, it’s because we’ve come to realize that homelessness isn’t a personal problem—but a societal problem that impacts everyone. (More on those impacts here: http://ow.ly/fTdr300icj8.)

Here in southeastern Los Angeles county, we’ve developed a multi-prong approach to reduce homelessness, and we’re seeing some success in the form of declining numbers, especially among veterans and families. In the city of Compton, for instance, winter shelter beds help not only to provide a safe, warm place to sleep, but to bring the homeless into the stream of services and programs that can get them into permanent housing. Learn more about the program here: http://ow.ly/KcwZ300ifJw.


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