Historical benefits

Monday, October 31, 2016

Most of us believe that cultural heritage has an intrinsic value. Our history—and the living reminders of it (buildings, monuments, parks, and so on)—help us understand who we are and what we stand for.

But it turns out that cultural heritage has more tangible value, too. From protecting property values to drawing tourist dollars, historic preservation can pay a dividend to the economy. (For a detailed list check out http://ow.ly/MVvQ300fKDB.)

Here in southeastern Los Angeles county, we value both the intrinsic and economic benefits of our cultural heritage. One example is the Gage Mansion in the city of Bell Gardens. The oldest building in LA County, this structure has a many-storied past. You can learn more about its history here: http://ow.ly/4Tec300fLUs, and more about Bell Gardens at http://ow.ly/Ofi0300fOes.

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