Medical Facilities and Healthcare

Over 100 medical facilities are found in the Gateway Cities COG region, serving both people and their pets.  Facilities include various MemorialCare Health System Hospital locations, various Kaiser Permanente Hospital locations, the Veterans Affairs Long Beach Healthcare System, and various VCA Animal Hospital locations, among others.  The Gateway Cities COG region also benefits from being within 30 miles of world-class medical institutions like City of Hope National Medical Center-Comprehensive Cancer Center (north of the COG region in Duarte), Cedars Sinai Medical Center, and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (both west of the COG region in Los Angeles).

The hospital and healthcare industry is also an engine of job growth in the region.  As the Affordable Care Act gets rolled out, thousands of jobs for nurses, technicians, administrators, staff, physicians and insurance providers and related employees will be added to the local economy.

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Gateway Cities COG Air Quality Action Plan

Due in part to the heavy concentration of goods movement and industry in and around the Gateway Cities, the sub?region has historically experienced the adverse impacts of air pollution. Learn More